Letter To You

by The Projekt

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i wanna take some time, while i sit and reminsce, and dedicate this song, to you and tell you this, im sorry, i never meant put you down, i wish that i could go back and change things around, you were beautiful, and perfect in every way, but now i lost you, the things i did were not okay, theres not one day, i dont think about you babe, just wishin i could see you and simply say hey, how are you?, i miss you as my boo, i was fool for treatin you so cruel, and now ive learned from my mistakes, sick of heart aches, but its probably too late, another dam mistake, shoulda talked earlier about how i was hurting yah, dam, really wish i could return to yah, but if not, ill learn to cope, its all good, untie the knot from the rope, and end it good, i mean well, itll be good story to tell, memories lookin back, that id love to tell, like when i smelled, from work, you called me jerk, and then yelled, to hug and kiss you, head to tail, or when sick, you gave me ginger ale and crackers, while i said one day ill be like those rappers, and then it will be me and you on top of the world, living life, together, holdin hands forever, but we are now no longer together, i shoulda been a lot more clever, dam, i miss you so much, but please dont forget about me, id love to atleast just stay in touch...baby cause

i never meant to hurt you, but i know i did, i acted like a fool, and a stupid little kid, but im here with this song please listen to the lines, i wrote em for you cause

sometimes love comes around,
and it knocks you down,
just back up, when it knocks you down,

i just cant getchu outta my head, i really miss those nights in my bed, we cuddling, that led to somethin naughty, we be coming in, together at the party, and everyone say, look at dem two, perfect as can be, but they didnt have clue, about things i put you through, sorry bugaboo, i wish i knew, back then how stupid i was and never do it again, now sittin in my room, listenin to drizzy drake, playin that tune, always kept us awake, singing you da fucking best, you the best i ever had, i wish had the dam power, to turn back time, when we had no money, but everythin was fine, with your hoodie and yah sweats, hair-up, and a smile, you were doper than the rest, cause you had ur own style, but whats funny, no really sad, i got money, but i lost the best thing i had and it was you, my baby, but deep inside im gonna hope that maybe, you will take me back cause...


released August 5, 2009



all rights reserved


The Projekt South Yarmouth



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