The Rough Draft (Mixtape)

by The Projekt

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released January 30, 2010



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The Projekt South Yarmouth



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Track Name: Shawty Coming In
it was a day at the mall, shawty coming in, body face and all, hair waving in the wind, i tap my friend, say look, see that hunny walkin there, man she kinda fine, tryna take her to my bed, he said ur funny, i said how, he said shed turn me down, i said homie u just hating, just sit back and stay waiting, i just snapped off im chasing, man she bad i checked ur waist and, suddenly she turned around, shit she got me now, walked up i said whats up, she said baby not to much, i said look she said what, you too cute, she like nah, im like yah roll with me baby, ill be ya man and take ya, into my arms, fill ur heart with love and charms, next thing we in the bed, making out to them songs, i be kissing on her neck she said hun stop the song, i said huh girl whats wrong, she said you turn me on, cracked a little smile, and soon enough we in it the projekt baby, have i told you what i been thinkin lately?

shawty coming in, im tryna get it on, take her to my bed, we can do it to this song

shawty coming in, she looking hella fine, take her to my bed, i aint tryna waste time

shawty, you good, shawty you the best

now i be at a party, holding to her body, sitting and we smiling, while we sipping on bacardi, everybody looking at us, thinking to themselves, wishing they could have this, im sorry i cant help, im too busy making her, my everything and world, she stepped into my lane, now nothing aint the same, its changed so good and, i simply never couldnt, go back to being single, cuz i love her as my woman, i just cant get enough of her laughing and her touch, when she rapping to my stuff, i be grabbing on her butt, then she smacks my arm, smiling, calling me a fool, but man she really lieing, cause she love it when i do, we sitting watching movies, then she on to do me, baby just be real with me and you gon never lose me, honesty and trust, its simply just a must, in this relationship, or ill replace you with, some other girl, but i tryna do all that, lets take it back to bed and we can solve all that...
Track Name: That Girl
how could i forget her face, man she beautiful, id love to her take to my place and yall already know, she got me love struck from my head to toe its crazy, i keep on thinking man it sucks she aint my baby, cause if she was, id treat her like my everything, id do it all, to make it a forever thing, cause ima type guy, that believes in love and passion, i never step aside or leave im a toughened rapper, not sumthing actor, everything i say is real, its coming straight from the mind and heart thats real, so baby when i say i could be for you forever, i promise ima turn ya day into sumthing better, crackers and cheddar, we sipping wine, on the beach, relaxing by sun while im rapping to a beat, with that girl, sitting by my side, the best of both worlds, we chillin cause we so fly, man thats something, i wish she could realize, i got dreams for you baby i could make alive, so take a ride with me, ill bring you to a rappers place, that you can fly with me, its better than your average days, i thought i told ya, ima star, baby come closer, well live life like its no dig?

but i aint done though,
girl i aint playing when i tell you this, the words ive been saying, are the truth tell you this, you come with me, and ima change ya life up, ima spark it up bit, like a lighter, ill be the captain, and baby you can be the rider, everytime you roll me, ima bring you higher, into the life i live, the one im willing to give you, are you down? just let me know then we can mess around, well do it right like they hustle in the streets, cept we gon change it to a hustle in the sheets, you gotta understand, that i couldnt rap this dedicated to you, unless attracted, i use real feelings as my tactic, while other guys aint seeing that they lack it, so they don't stand a chance, not saying that they did, but baby im the man when it comes to saying it, i like you, and the man to the ride with and be ya see, i gotta stop to fantasize, so be with me, come closer, well live it like theres no tomorrow...ay
Track Name: Dreams (Feat. Danny)
my type of music, is shit yall can relate to, put in my emotions, what i love and what i hate too, its real life things twisted with imagination, while some are hating, others feel me ready waiting, and steady patient, to kick it with me up into the sky, and everytime they hit me up before i go fly, what up hayes, what up over the bridge? remember summer days, up on stages, yeah we did man, its things like that i could rap just about forever, its shit i have experienced and some of yall have never, and its funny man, cause they the ones who mostly love to talk, just let them know it doesnt phase me, im still here to rock, so yall can tell man i do this shit with passion, i dont get paid dont get shit, but im still rapping, and its crazy when im spitting and they criticize, but i ignore it, like i be clicking minimize so blast off, its time for me to end this verse, maps off, ima take you to my universe...

so ride with me, to another place, well go so high, so far away, far from anything you have seen, close your eyes, start your dreams...

its crazy shit, everytime i write and spit, cause i commit a journey when the bass hits, and then in bits, my words flow into the air, blowing round like the wind, is how i compare, u know the feeling, when you thinkin man i must be dreaming? cause i don't, i live in mine, so im always seeing, its nothin special no, everyone can do it too, you can't be stressing tho, clear yah mind on 1, 2, 3, now can you see? if not im sorry man, its such a crazy place to be, OBV hard to see, not that i wonder, i guess it takes some skill, now thats a bummer, but ima have fun still, hey cape cod, what up DY? im beyond all odds, with you inside my mind, and even those who defy me, know that you guide me, motivation to my raps, now yall can always find me, by looking to the sky, ill be sitting up above, up so dam high, on the clouds spitting love...
Track Name: On My Own
do you know what its like to face competition, no ones there by your side, nobody wants to listen, cause i know whats its like...

do you know what its like to feel trapped down, but you keep on fighting, till the last round, cause i know what its like...

feels like 100 to 1, you always outnumbered, they always coming for you, and so you out run em, cause i know what its like...

its crazy, how people like to get involved, they always giving you problems that you gotta solve, i know what its like...yeah but i aint taking shit, they stay making it, but i aint focused on that, i let em making it, i already noticed the crap, instead im focused to rap, i got the power in mind so that nobody can have it, i tell em when i always rap it, they don't have shit, cause ima take it all, please call me greedy, i might seem to be, but im just really needy, to reach dreams you see, im on top of the game called hip-hop, i shook it all when i came, because i spit rock, tick-tock, i do it like a metronome, the projekt im the future so i let em know...

i am the projekt, hate it or you like it, it doesnt matter to me no, im gonna do this on my own...

have you ever struggled to make it in and win, ya find self troubled, its hard to take it in, cause i know what its like...

have you ever, fought, to win at all costs, but everything you put in, the work was all lost? cause i know what its like...

its like you faced with impossible, theres lots go, you so far behind and your lost with hope, cause i know whats its like...but im gonna keep on moving man and losing em, that way im always in front and they are always behind, that way ill never be done, and quit on making my rhymes and lines, they go, always running like a flow, of an ocean, and filled with every inch of real deep emotion, like rough to smooth like a lotion, im rolling as the king of this party like i be hosting, but ima tell you man i dont think its right, to give it all to one man, but baby thats life, it seems cold, but man im just colder, born to have it all, so please hand it over...

yeah man im back on my grind, taking all em out, one at at time, the p r o j e k t, see you all know, im crazy baby, to reach top, but i aint got no limits you see, i wont stop, ill always rap minutes and be, on my grind, cause its know its like, working all the time, for a future better life...
Track Name: Lately Bothering
the world is complicated, we all have heard them say it, to pay attention while school, no trouble follow the rules, be careful while in the pool, and dont follow to seem as cool, while people be telling you, to do it, dont be a fool, just use it to be like him, itll prolly get you some friends, and maybe a girl or two, and every one's know you, its the pressures we all face as teenagers we take shit in, within our minds, and thoughts upon thoughts, and lots of talk talks, try the place it in a box, and hoped to keep it locked, but it fills up to the top, and leaks, and flows out, whenever we stress about, the things that go and happen, in our life as teen, thats why that i be rapping, even hear me try and sing, i let it go and flow to beat, that i be listening, put in my emotions, and the shit thats lately bothering, we all got tolerance, but its got it limit too, thats why im always in the studio, to the spit a few, i like it do yo, find me the morning, while im eating cereal, writing up a storm and, while im even snoring, i be in my dreams, spilling out loud like the clouds whens it pouring, so pay attention to my words, no avoiding, its my expression, my way to deal with life, spill it on the track, then laugh and move on, this new song is filled with raps upon raps, lines upon rhymes, words upon verses, clean and so dirtless, dreams they seem perfect, so my work is worth it, worth it...cuz of i fall i wanna go with a bang, so that people in the mall they be saying my name, rise to fame even if fallen, on top of the game like i was never falling, but instead im balling, like never ready to leave, i be the legend like jordan, ima do me, fighting like its bruce lee, but never changing who i am, ima to be yours truly, the projekt time to go, but ill be back soon enough, then ill rhyme some more...